Matilda H. P. Lovecraft,

It has been well over a month since we last recorded history. I have been…remiss. Out of sorts and out of spirits…

Great dilemma
Detestable thoughts
Non-existing facts
And it’s the grief that accompanies you

Matty, I have been wrestling with the darkness. I know there is something wicked inside me and I must corral it, harness it, and use it for good…or it will consume me. Sounds dire, right? I’ve never killed anyone before. Sure, I’ve hurt people – well, LOTS of people – and hurting bad guys comes with the territory. But this was different. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone die…like right in front of me. Hospital beds aren’t alleys. Kicks to the head aren’t cancer. I…

Life and death are struggling
The outcome is wavering
The decision is ours
But the truth escapes me

I keep replaying that final fifteen seconds…like it’s some macabre marquee loop. Over and over in my head. The pain…the fear…the regret. It scares me. I had never seen Vigilance filled with such anger…such…hatred. I’ve never seen Diane so bloodthirsty…well. The Shadow Man had committed terrible atrocities; crimes against humanity. Judge, Jury, and Executioner sounds like something out of a comic book…not super-heroism. I guess the shock is more about my friends…my companions and fellow Legionnaires. Seeing them out-for-blood just kind of put things in perspective. The stakes are high. The struggle is real. The cake is a lie.

The sadness of bereavement
The loss of innocence
Hate made an untrodden path
Of my soul

So that night after Dead Man returned from a deposition and some questioning we blew off some steam – Legionnaire style. He’s a pretty great janitorial addition to the team. And, at the time, it seemed like he was the only one who really understood me…who disagreed with the way the Shadow Man went down. Virgil made himself scarce. At the time I just figured he had his own demons to deal with but I didn’t know that we wouldn’t see him for a week. We turned the music up, ordered a few dozen pies, and made the KEGGEL run in less than 12 parsecs. Impressive to say the least.


I walk lightly
Trying not to wake
My sleeping consciousness
Trying to resist myself


The fate has schemed
Against us

The weak are condemned
Fear now

I want to be alive
But my soul is asleep

You can say whatever
I go on all alone

The pizza and beer definitely did me in. Matty, I think I’m developing a gluten sensitivity.

En vino veritas – ahhh…sigh, back to brushing up on my Latin!


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