Telestic Society

The Telestic Society

“In a city of technology, the mystic is indeed a stranger in a strange land.”

The Telestic Society is a loose-knit organization of mages, mystics, magic-users and magically empowered individuals who have come together to form a sort of “support group” for mages in the modern day. It is an open forum where members are encouraged to share knowledge, talk about new discoveries and in general ask for and receive guidance and help from each other.

Since many of the members of this group all learned and practice/use magic differently, actual spell knowledge is rarely shared. Mostly the Telestic Society just gets together so that they can talk about magic and the supernatural freely amongst their peers and not be judged or looked at with that skeptical look so common among non-practitioners. The members share stories of their experiences with magic and the supernatural and receive insight rather than doubt. Many members maintain a relationship outside of the society as well, staying in touch between meetings as friends and acquaintances, sharing experiences and aiding each other as requested.

The Society is open to all members of the magical community in Century Station. Even those who don’t make Century Station their home but have operated in it have occasionally received invitations. They don’t openly advertise their meetings but any member who encounters a new mage or magic user within the city will usually, after some time, extend an invitation to show up at one of their meetings. While the members of this group are generally good, they will tolerate those who are selfish or evil as long as they behave themselves but such individuals rarely receive an invitation in the first place.

The society used to meet at a bookstore in Midtown but after a few nature mystics became involved they also started holding some meeting in a park in Rattle Ridge, at the edge of one of the Century Station Ley Lines. They meet about once a month, on the night of the new moon. There’s at least a dozen or so members, but there are also a few outstanding invitations as well. Usually at any given meeting there’s only 2D6 or 3D4 members present.

Notable Members:

Telestic Society

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