The Tomorrow Legion


The Tomorrow Legion

Century Station’s newest super-group. Formed by the hero known as Spirit in order to help organize the individual, newer heroes in the city to protect them against the ever-rising criminal element.

Their headquarters is located in Midtown, in the Kilgore district.

Original/Founding Members:

Additional Members:

Listed below is what The Tomorrow Legion looks like using the Agency creation rules found on pages 60-64 of the Ninjas & Superspies book:

The Tomorrow Legion – A Crime Fighting “Agency”

  • A. Outfits. The standard clothing issued by the agency to its members. Replacement of any agency issued outfits is automatic.
    • None (0 points). The characters are responsible for their own clothing.
  • B. Equipment. This describes all the equipment and supplies provided free of charge by the agency replacement of any lost or damaged, agency-issued equipment is automatic.
    • Cheap Gear (2 points). The characters are responsible for buying and replacing their own equipment, but up to $500 worth of equipment can be made available to each character upon request. Lost or damaged equipment requires one full game session to replace and counts against this total until then.
  • C. Weapons. This includes all the weapons issued from the agency’s armory. Any agency-issued weapons come with an unlimited supply of ammunition. Any expended ammo or damaged weapons are replaced automatically.
    • None (0 points). The characters must buy their own weapons and ammunition. No automatic replacement.
  • D. Vehicles. Transportation provided by the agency to the characters. Also includes information on the agency’s fleet of vehicles.
    • Spy Cars (minus the “Fleet” option, 10 points). The Tomorrow Legion maintains about a dozen vehicles for character use. These include a few cars and motorcycles, a truck, a van, a couple boats, and even a hovercar. All vehicles can have modifications or upgrades as per HU2 pages 136-143. The total budget to modify them is $240,000 (about $20,000 per vehicle if split evenly). The vehicles are of high quality, but are limited to standard production line versions.
  • E. Communications. This is a measure of how good the communications network and devices are in the agency.
    • Computerized (15 points). A private, secure computer network runs throughout the HQ which is faster and more sophisticated than the standard CityNet. In addition, all radio and telephone communications have sophisticated computer scrambling available.
  • F. Offices and Distribution. Just how widespread the offices and personnel of the organization are.
    • Urban (2 points). The Tomorrow Legion Headquarters building in Killgore. No remote offices.
  • G. Military Power. The amount of military force that the agency can command directly. Note that directly means just that; the agency can order around the unit without needing permission or authorization from any other source.
    • None (0 points). The Tomorrow Legion’s main security force is composed of its own members only. No additional support is available.
  • H. Sponsorship. Exactly who is controlling the agency, providing them with their leadership and their real source of funds?
    • Secret (0 points). The characters know that Spirit is behind the creation of The Tomorrow Legion, but don’t know what hidden motive or agenda he may or may not have.
  • I. Budget. Reveals the money available, not for regular operating costs, but for any kind of special projects. In other words, how much money is available to “front” an operation. For example, if the agents are ready to trap some drug dealers, this would determine just how much cash the agency could afford to risk.
    • Large Loans (25 points). Up to $1,000,000.00 can be pulled together to kick into an important mission if necessary.
  • J. Administrative Control. This determines just how much freedom the agents have.
    • Loose Laws (5 points). Characters can get away with minor violations (traffic offenses, littering) but must avoid committing any serious offenses, like kidnapping, murder, assault, blackmail, etc.
  • K. Internal Security: This is the level of internal infiltration that the agency is vulnerable to. Note that this is the only thing that prevents spies from already having been placed in the organization. It varies according to the agency’s security measures. Enemy agents, moles, “turned” employees, and other unreliables can only be prevented with high levels of internal security.
    • Tight (10 points). Electronic alarms, and electronic picture I.D. cards are all part of the Tomorrow Legion’s security system. A rigid check of prospective members by Spirit reduces the chance of infiltrators to 10%.
  • L. External Infiltration. A measure of how well the player characters’ agency has infiltrated and corrupted enemy organizations. There are even attempts at infiltrating friendly or allied agencies (just in case). An important side benefit of external infiltration is that captured characters may be provided with “accidental” opportunities to escape by friendly infiltrators.
    • Information Source (10 points). A critical person who is privy to the enemy agency’s secret communications is an “agent” of The Tomorrow Legion. This agent is usually a secretary or communications officer who sees about half of all the secret messages. A 12% chance of an agent in each major office of each enemy agency.
  • M. Agency Credentials. Just what is the reputation and authority of the agency? The credentials determine just how much respect the characters’ agents can command.
    • Used to be Faceless, now it is Known (10 points). The Tomorrow Legion is becoming known as an effective and loyal hero group. Police and local authorities will help in matters that are in their jurisdiction.
  • N. Agency Salary. The amount of money received weekly by the player characters.
    • None (0 points) or Civil Servants (10 points). Each character must negotiate any salary, but most characters have elected “None.”

The Tomorrow Legion Total: 99 points

Listed below is what the Tomorrow Legion looks like using the “Secret Hero Base Construction Rules” found in Rifter 37.:

The Tomorrow Legion – Headquarters

Type and Creation Points: Independently Wealthy Hero. Spirit has a lot of money to put into the base. Base Creation Points are 40,000.

  • A. Location & Secrecy: Abandoned (5 points)
    • An old, abandoned building in Kilgore was purchased, fixed up and upgraded/modified to be the team’s public base. No secrecy.
  • B. Installation: Off the Shelf (0 points)
    • Spirit hired a public company to perform the renovations. Anyone familiar with that company’s products is likely to be familiar with the typical layout and features of the building/complex. The hero may have done some customization, but not enough to affect the available knowledge of the site to others with the right library resources.
  • C. Size: Gigantic (250 points)
    • This is a large, multi-story building with more than one sub-level.
  • D. Structure: Reinforced (100 points)
    • All widows have been replaced with a Plexiglas-like substance, and re-inforcement has been added to all walls and doors for added strength.
  • E. Facilities: (2,860 points) see list below
    • Large Garage (1000 points) This is one garage, large enough for up to four large vehicles like a truck or SUV, and includes all the tools to do reloads, repairs or maintenance on the vehicle.
    • Hangar (1000 points) An aircraft hangar for VTOL capable vehicles. Refueling station and all maintenance equipment are included.
    • Manufacturing Shop (100 points) This includes a machine shop, paint booth and other tools of the trade to manufacture the parts one needs. For example, automotive parts or armor (to be installed in a garage), construction of weapons, or fabrication of one’s super suit.
    • Electronics Lab & Clean Room (120 points) This workshop has everything one needs to work on basic electronics (wiring up a bomb, computer repairs, creating a remote control, etc.), as well as a lab for working on microscopic silicon chips and electronics (can make microchips, circuit boards, etc.),
    • Forensics Lab (100 points) This facility has everything a hero might need to analyze any evidence he comes across or needs deciphering.
    • Medical Room (60 points) This room can act as a simple first aid station, but is also equipped to handle long-term hospital care and emergency medical needs of a person. A doctor is still needed to take care of a patient, so if a hero plans to use this room when he is severely injured, he had better plan to have a doctor to take care of him, as he will probably not be in a position to take care of himself.
    • Advanced Computer Station (60 points) This is more than just a laptop or souped up computer; everything in this station is a hacker’s dream come true. Monitors cover a wall, multiple computers of the highest caliber, super high-speed Internet access, and the latest in software are primed and ready for the hero to take command of.
    • Expansive Library (120 points) What this library lacks in size it makes up for in content. Shelves full of rare books are complimented by an expansive database of books available on computer stations or e-readers. If stocked correctly, this can even be of significant value to a Mystic Study character.
    • Vault/Trophy Room (120) This expansive, secure storage area is designed for those items the hero(es) find which are too dangerous to leave in the hands of others and either cannot be destroyed or there is good reason not to destroy yet (sometimes the “good reason” is just to keep it on display as a trophy). There are various levels of security available, from simple alarm-enabled glass cases (the display area/trophy room) to a walk-in vault.
    • Training Room (180) This state-of-the-art training room contains all the gear and equipment needed to challenge and test the Heroes abilities, pushing them to their limits and beyond. At it’s basic level it’s a fancy gym designed for superhumans. But with a flick of some switches and some program activation the area can transform into a “Danger Room”, allowing for more enhanced training regimens. There are up to 24 different “booby traps” (see section H, #7) available to train against.
  • F. Accessibility: Secret Closets (75 points)
    • Each bedroom room has a “secret” closet that opens to reveal all the hero’s gear. It can be customized so that everything pops out and into place, laying itself out for the quickest and easiest way to get into the gear.
  • G. Living Conditions: (431 points) See list below
    • 16 Spacious Bedrooms with Full Bathrooms (96 points) Sixteen large bedrooms each with a desk, TV and large, comfortable bed. Adjacent to each is a full bathroom with shower.
    • 2 Super Bathrooms (20 points) Restroom, shower, hot tub and sauna.
    • Deluxe Chef’s Kitchen (10 points) Everything one would ever need in a kitchen.
    • Lounge (5 points) TV, entertainment center, games, etcetera.
    • Gym (50 points) Weights, aerobic machines, cardio machines, etcetera.
    • “Survival Bunker” (250 points) Packed with food, water purifier, air recycler, backup generators and able to be self-sufficient for at least six months if necessary.
  • H. Defense: (600 points) See list below
    • Advanced Security System (50 points) The HQ is monitored by cameras, infrared and ultraviolet sensors, as well as motion detectors and an external audio recording system. Any access to the lair requires a pass card, secret code (voice, numeric or both) or a hand/fingerprint scan.
    • Booby Traps (10; 50 points total) This can range from non-lethal scare tactics such as tear gas, smoke or knockout gas, to lethal repellants such as land mines, acid sprays, fire, nerve gas, machinegun nests or electrified floor plating. Can be set as a trap (line, pressure plate, sensor, etc.) or as the result of failing a Puzzle.
    • Automated Defenses (500 points) The hideaway is monitored and protected by a computer (programmed responses only – not an Artificial Intelligence). The system has automated weapons (basically, control of the “Booby Traps” noted above) It not only watches over the facility, but also can alert the heroes to specific problems around the base (by radio, cell phone or pager) and identify exactly what is going on.
  • I. Personnel or Employees: Other – Receptionist/Secretary (50 points)
    • Manning the main foyer/entrance area is a receptionist who works during normal business hours (typically 9-5 unless otherwise noted) to field calls, schedule meetings and visits, and perform minor tasks for Spirit and the Tomorrow Legion. The receptionist can also place mundane orders, receive packages, make calls on the behalf of the members, and other minor tasks as deemed appropriate. Note that occasionally the receptionist may be out sick or on vacation, and during these times a “temp agency” can be contracted to have a temp sent over, if needed or desired.

The Tomorrow Legion

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